January 10, 2021

What is Virtual Reality? How does it work?

What is Virtual Reality?

virtual reality

Virtual Reality is a computer technology that is used to create an imaginary world that makes you feel as you exist in that same world. Virtual Reality is used for application related to High Visual Multimedia in a 3D environment.

 In Virtual Reality, Artificial Environment is made with the help of some special software and hardware, so that user feels like Artificial Environment is Actual Environment.  

Virtual Reality is in general a 3 dimensional (3-D) scenario, which the person operating it can intervene or make changes.

How does it work?

Virtual reality is a computer-generated world that gives a person a 3-D environment, where a person feels that all things same as the real world exist. To provide this type of technology scientists and software engineers developed their applications and device more powerful day by day to give better experience.

Uses of Virtual Reality

  1. Education

In the Educational field, VR plays an important role because some of the jobs are too risky and dangerous where training is more important before joining the job like –  brain surgery, the proper landing of a jumbo jet, parachute jumping, etc. Training is more important in this kind of job and for this virtual reality is used.

  • Medicine

In Medical field use of VR technology rapidly increasing by this method doctors do difficult surgeries without any risk. It is used to do surgical training and use to operate patients remotely which was control by robots without the appearance of doctors.

  • Architecture

For the construction of home first step was drawing which was drawn on paper in earlier days but now a VR technology help more effectively to design interiors and easily solve the problem by seeing any mistake in an interior with the help of VR.

  • Gaming

If we talk about to feel the better experience of gaming like Racecar games, simulators game are the best example in which you get the experience of full 3-D and HD graphics. But in old days’ technology, not so developed players have experience of 3-D gaming but it lagging because of not good HMDs, Datagloves, and wands. But now a day we can easily enjoy gaming experience by spending less amount of money.

Types of Virtual Reality

  1. Fully Immersive

For a complete VR experience, we need three things. One Computer Model or Simulation to explore the virtual world and another is a Powerful Computer which can easily find out what we are doing.  And accordingly, adjust our experience in real-time, the third computer connected hardware which keeps us completely immerse in the virtual world in this, we have to wear an HMD with two Screen and Stereo and one or more Sensory Gloves.

  • Non Immersive

Non immersive is a type of virtual reality technology which provide user completely realistic world this all possible only due to computer-generated environment where user experience feeling without being fully immersed in the virtual world and without any help of VR device like VR Box. But the user can feel the physical awareness of surrounding like sound, pictures, and touching it. The best example is a realistic car simulator were users control it by joystick and know a day’s steering wheel and pedals joystick use some gadgets like Logitech G920 which is used in PS4, XBOX, and PC. This example clarifies that users same experience as they experience in the VR world.

  • Collaborative

It is a technology were people collaborate and interact with many users that may connect over a large distance.  Although in this technology, the user shares their ideas and experiences in a virtual world which is done in realtime. Example like PUBG game were players interact and play with their friends. This help user to enabled to change data within the environment.

  • Web-based

There was a time when virtual reality used to be the fastest-growing technology but in the early 1990s, WWW(World Wide Web)  gain more popularity. Due to this VR technology development speed slowed down although Computer scientists find the technique to create Virtual world on the web it could not run much.

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is used to create real-life environments in front of us this all done with the help of digitally images and take information in the environment to do work. Example Best example is POKEMON GO mobile game which was augmented reality technology-based. In the game, players navigate and capture Pokemon characters that were pop up in the real world like in your home, park, sidewalk, and even your bedroom.

Advantages of Virtual Reality

  • In Virtual Reality training of difficult training make them easily such as surgeries, flying aeroplane and army training.
  • Virtual reality in education field makes student learning skills more creative, easy and comfort.
  • Virtual reality more famous in gaming where players feel that they in the virtual environment of the game

Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

  • For the experience you have to spend some money on VR because of the cost of upgradable equipment companies invest more & more to create a better VR experience.
  • In this technology, people reduces connections with humans and live a life of the virtual world and no contact with the real-world which may affect social life also.
  • VR technology users addicted because they don’t like the real world and they feel more happiness in the virtual world. This type of addiction not only poor your health but also more dangerous than drug addiction. 

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