October 31, 2020

What is mouse and the uses of the mouse?

What is mouse?

computer mouse

A mouse is an input device that can be used by a single hand. Which controls a cursor in a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and the user can move and select different types of items in it like files, icons, text on a screen of a computer.

Who invent mouse?

It was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1963 while working with Xerox PARC. The mouse is among the great discoveries in computer history because it frees the user to a large limit as compared to using a keyboard. Specifically, the mouse is most important for graphical user interfaces you can able to move or select an option and objects simply by clicking the mouse button.

What is a full form of a mouse?

The full form of mouse is Manually Operated User Selection Equipment.

What are the uses of mouse?

Here we see the main uses of a computer mouse.

  1. Move the mouse cursor – The major function of a mouse is to move the cursor on the screen in a specific direction.
  2. Select – A mouse provides you to select the text, files, icons, and any type of file at once.
  3. Open or execute a program – If you want to open a folder, icon, or any objects by the use of a mouse. You have to move the pointer to an icon, folder, or any object in that direction than by clicking or double-clicking that objects open or execute.
  4. Drag-and-Drop – When you select something, it can also move from one position to another position by a simple drag-and-drop method, but first you need to know which file or icon you want to move and then you to move the file at your favorite location.
  5. Hovering – When you moving a cursor over a file, icons, and other objects with hover information which helps user to discover each and every object.
  6. Scroll – When you are working with a long document or viewing a web-page, you may be required to scroll up or down. For scroll, use the mouse wheel, or click and drag the scroll bar.

What are the parts of a computer mouse?

Here we see the detail about parts of a computer mouse.

  1. Left Button – The left button is a main button of a mouse, you can use by index finger of your hand this is a main button, this is mainly used for select the objects and this button used more.
  1. Wheel Button – The middle button or wheel button of a mouse, which is situated between the left and right button. Wheel button can also use it as a button like left and right button.
    The main use of a button is to scroll up and down a webpage aor documents by just rolling the wheel button up or down.
  2. Right button – The right button is a secondry button of a mouse, which is provide quick access to many common functions by clicking a context menu which opens pop-up menu it is depend upon you were you click.

Types of a computer mouse

Here we see different type of computer mouse.

  1. Optical mouse – It is a computer mouse that utilizes light source.
    Such as a light emitting diode (LED) and a light sensor that is photodiode, it shows on the surface that the mouse is working properly.The optical mouse has completely discontinued the old mouse design.
  2. Mechanical mouse – It is a type of computer mouse which is also called ball mouse. It contain of a rubber or metal ball below the mouse inside on it. It comprises the sensors, once the user moves a mouse in any direction, the sensors inside the mouse detect the mouse movement and then move the cursor or pointer on screen in the same direction.
  3. Cordless or wireless mouse – It is a computer mouse that works without cord or wireless.
    In this mouse connects without the use of wire. Some how , the mouse uses some other type of wire technology like Bluetooth, Radio Frequency and infrared radio frequency. But usually in wireless mouse, a USB receiver plugged into the computer and recives signal from the wireless mouse. It requires battery for working a cordless mouse or wireless mouse.

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