January 10, 2021

What is Keyboard and how many types of keyboards?

 What is Keyboard?

computer keyboard

The keyboard is a primary computer hardware device that is used to input texts, character, numerical and command. It is the same as a typewriter, by pressing certain buttons, computer commands are activated and executed into a computer system. The computer keyboard is an arrangement of rectangular keys.  Keyboards typically have characters engraved or printed on the keys. In most cases. Each press of the key corresponds to a single written symbol. However, producing some symbols requires pressing and holding several keys simultaneously or in sequence. Other keys do not execute any symbol, but instead, affect the operation of the computer or the keyboard itself. Nearly 50% of all keyboard keys produce letters, numbers, or symbols. Other keys can produce actions when pressed, and other actions are available by the simultaneous pressing of more than one action key.

Types of Keyboard Layouts

There are different types of keyboard layouts developed on the basis of countries and language.

  1. QWERTY: – This layout is the most popular among other keyboard layouts and the name comes from the six letters that are placed on the left of the top row. It is used so much that many people think that only one type of keyboard is there in the market.
  2. AZERTY: –  The name comes from the six letters that are placed on the left of the top row. It is a different variant of QWERTY which was developed in France and considered as a standard French keyboard.
  3. DVORAK: – This layout is developed to slow down the movement of a finger when typing. DVORAK produces faster typing speed if we compare to the QWERTY and AZERTY.   

Types of Keys on a keyboard

There are six types of keys on a keyboard .

  • Alphanumeric Keys
  • Numeric Keys
  • Function Keys
  • Special Purpose Keys 
  • Modifier Keys 
  • Cursor Movement Keys 
  1.  Alphanumeric Keys: -The alphanumeric key is located in the center of the keyboard. Alphanumeric keys contain alphabet numbers with symbols. In this set of keys have numerals and alphabets that are four keys in addition to tabs, caps, backspaces, and enter for certain functions.
  2.  Numeric Keys: – The numeric keypad consists of approximately 17 keys, with numeric mathematical operators like  +,-,*,/. Some the special keys home, pg up, pg dn, Ins, Enter, and Del key. Special keys are locked and unlocked by pressing the Num lock key. It works like a calculator on your computer.
  3. Function Keys: – The function keys situated at the top of the keyboard there are 12 function keys. These keys are up to F1, F2… F12. These keys are helpful in using instructions as shortcuts. The functions of these keys change from software to software.
  4. Special Purpose Keys: – This key is used to perform certain functions such as sleep, power, volume, start, shortcut Esc, Tab, Insert, Home, End, Delete, etc. These keys correspond to certain functions of the new operating system.
  5. Modifier Keys: –  It has three keys named SHIFT, ALT, CTRL when pressing them alone is of no particular use but when used with any other key it replaces those key OK inputs so it is called the Modify key. Like when you hold down the SHIFT key with “A”(when CAPS LOCK off) capital A is input while in the normal case “a”  is displayed. Similarly, when you use CTRL with C it turns into a command which is used to copy text. ALT keys help to change the feature of other pressed keys.
  6. Cursor Movement Keys: – There are four types of keys: UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT. They are used to move the cursor across the screen.

Uses of Control Keys

  1. Esc Key: –   It is used to cancel the current process or running program. It’s full form is Escape Key.
  2. Ctrl Key: –   It is used for keyboard shortcuts. Like, If you want to copy any text simply press Ctrl+C and the content copied. It’s full form is Control Key.
  3. Alt key: – It helps to change the feature of other pressed keys.
  4. Window Logo Key: – It is used to open the start menu.
  5. Menu Key: – The  key is work similarly to the mouse right click. It opens the options which are relatable to a selected program.
  6. Prtscr Key: – This key is use to take the screenshot of a computer screen.
Uses of Navigation Keys 
  1.  Arrow Keys: – There are four types of arrow keys: Up, Down, Left, and Right. It is used to scroll down the scroll bar or webpage with the help of arrows.
  2. Home Key: – It is used to bring a scroll bar to the beginning of a document. With this help, we can come at the beginning of a document.
  3. End Key: –   It is used to bring a scroll bar to the ending of a document. With this help, we can come at the ending of a document.
  4. Insert Key: – It is used for insert text in front of another text or overwriting text after the cursor when you type. Simply use by insert mode ON  or OFF.
  5. Page Up Key: – It is used to move the page little upwards on a document or webpage.
  6. Page Down Key: – It is used to move the page little downwards on a document or webpage. 

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