November 25, 2020

What is Computer and how many types of computers?

What is Computer?

What is Computer

A computer is an electronic device that processes information or data to do work. The word computer is derived from the Latin term “computare” which means to calculate. It has the ability to store data, retrieves data, and process data. . It is used for typing documents, sending emails, playing games, and browsing the web. It can also be used for making special presentations and videos. The computer work is divided into three parts: The first step is to take data which is known as input, the second step is to process that data which is taken from the input and the final step is to show process data which is known as output.

Who Invented Computer?

Charles Babbage, who is called the father of modern computers, as he was the first who designed a mechanical computer, he invented the analytical engine, which inserted data with the help of punch cards.

What is full-form of computer?

The standard full form of computer is

C– Common 

O– Operated 



U-Used for 


E-Education and 


What is computer hardware and software?

Hardware: -The physical components of a computer which we can touch or feel are known as hardware. Like Monitor, Keyboard, CPU etc.

Software: – Software is a set of programs that control the internal operations of a computer and instructs a computer what to do. Like the Operating system, MS-DOS, MS office.

Important parts of the computer
  1. Monitor – A monitor is an output device whose work is to display data or information to a user.
  2. Motherboard – A motherboard is a computer circuit. Processor, RAM, ROM, hard disk, etc. are installed on it.
  3. RAM – RAM is the primary memory of a computer. Multitasking in a computer is possible only with RAM. Random Access Memory is its full form.
  4.  ROM – ROM comes with boot software. This is also primary memory.   Read-Only Memory is its flower form.
  5. Processor – This is the main part of a computer. The speed and capacity of the computer depend on the processor. It is also called CPU.
  6. Graphic Card – The function of a graphic card is to produce a better image on the monitor. It happens on the motherboard.
  7. Hard Disk – Hard disk is the secondary memory of a computer. It comes in many storage capacities.
  8. Audio Card – The function of the audio card is to produce sound. It also happens on the motherboard.
  9. CD or DVD Drive – This is the drive to play a CD or DVD.
  10. Pen Drive – It also comes under secondary memory. The pen drive is a portable device.
  11. SMPS – Its full form switch is mod power supply. Power is given to the computer through it.
Characteristics of computer
  1. Speed: – Computer speed is important for the user to experience fast work. It can do millions of works in a few seconds, such as multiplying and dividing addition subtraction. When you calculating any number like multiplication of 787537*34 takes 1 -2 minutes but when you use a calculator it takes only 1 – 2 seconds.
  2. Accuracy:- A computer calculation is very accurate, there is no chance of error in the calculation.
  3. Automation: – A computer is an automatic machine. It do most of the tasks without the help of a human.
  4. Versatility: –  A computer is a multipurpose machine in which it can do all useful work including calculation. By the help of this, we can do all kinds of work like documents, software, invoices, playing games, etc.
  5. Reliability: – Computer memory is very powerful. The computer is a very  Reliable machine, but if we talk about reliability it is only possible when the data is passing as input to the computer and the program, which gives instructions are correct and reliable. It never gets tired or bored with the same work. It can work long hours without taking rest, with accuracy.  
  6.  6. Storage capacity: – The computer has the capacity to store large volumes of data in the storage devices that have the capacity to store huge amounts of data.
  7. Power of Remembrance: –  A computer can store and recall any amount of information because of its secondary storage capability. Every piece of information can be retained as long as desired by the user and it can be recalled information almost instantaneously. We can take this information when needed.
Different types of computer

Desktop: –  Desktop is a personal computer that is used to develop for daily basis work like home, school, and personal use. It is designed in such a way that it can be used on a desk. It has several parts like a Computer case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, cpu.

Laptop: – Laptop is a small computer, it has a battery which gives freedom to use on the go. It’s all in one function like keyboard, mouse, CPU, motherboard, battery, etc. Makes it a portable computer.

Tablet: – Tablet is a handheld device that is more portable than laptop. It does not have any keyboard or mouse, instead, it has a touch-sensitive screen which is used for typing and navigation on the screen.

Servers: – A server is a computer that provides information to other computers on the network. For example, whenever you search anything on the Internet, that information is already stored in the server store.

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